Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This should NOT be this hard!

We are trying to introduce solid food to Garrett. To say it isn't going well would be a horrible understatement. Isn't introducing solid food supposed to be a fun time? Full of laughs at a silly baby who makes a mess and gobbles down a bowl of oatmeal? This is not us at all... I supposed it had to happen at some point. We breezed through breastfeeding, bottle feeding and formula. Never had a colicky baby, or a overly cranky one. He is always full of smiles for everyone, so naturally our time has come.

He HATES solid food. I have tried twice in the last two months and stopped because he just wasn't into it, okay because it was a battle to get him to even open his mouth. I started again last week because I was getting nervous that we would try after we went to the 6 month appointment, he wouldn't like it, and then I wouldn't have an appointment to talk over concerns with the pediatrician. Sure enough it has turned into a battle again.

I say turned into, because he started out fine. The first night was hard, which is to be expected right? Then we had a couple more okay nights and some not okay nights. He seems to like applesauce and plain oatmeal. He will suck a banana out of one of those mesh bag feeder things like it is going out of style. All of the sudden in the last couple of night he has REFUSED to eat. And the worst part, it frustrates me so bad that I have to make Brian try because I can't even handle it. Oh and to stick a knife in the gut and twist it...the daycare reports that he eats like a champ for them. it's me then????? I know, I know, its not me blah, blah, blah.

No but really, am I doing something wrong? I try really hard not to force it in his mouth. Sometimes if you make him eat the first couple of bites then he eats the rest like "oh, this is what we are doing, okay!" Tonight we tried carrots. He sort of gagged his way though the cereal in the few bites I tried to get him to eat in the 15 min we were sitting at the table for dinner. Then two half bites of carrots, more like licking of the lips, some major gagging and he starts PUKING!!!! everywhere!! I mean wide open gag and formula pouring out! Ughhhh!

What are we going to do? I need some major advice! If you have any please let me know!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Picture Dump

I am still alive, I have no energy to blog. I used to do most of my blogging at work, now I am too busy to even check my personal e-mail most days. Anyway, because it is what most of you want, here is a photo dump. All of Garrett. Each of these could be their own blog post but alas, I do not have the time. Hopefully I will find a good balance and start blogging again. Now for the fun stuff!

After bath time, notice my shirt. It has water spots all over it. This is a nightly occurrence, anyone in the bathroom during bath time gets soaked from all the splashing:

Watching daddy shovel after the first big snow storm of the year:

Five months:

Helping mom with laundry. We pretty much have a full on sitter now. I still put the bobby down when I am busy doing things so he doesn't slam backwards on those occasional falls:

Spa Night! Garrett had HORRIBLE cradle cap. With his hair you couldn't really see it but finally I got grossed out enough to do something about it. I took olive oil and rubbed it onto his head and then back combed pretty much everything out. If I would have known how well it was going to work I would have tried it way earlier. I also to the opportunity to cut the hairs on the back of his neck. The baby mullet was getting out of hand:

And to close, how can you not just want to squeeze this everyday?