Saturday, November 9, 2013


This quote came from a series that one of my favorite blogs is doing called "Less is More".  In the particular post that this appears in Eddie is talking about More Intimacy.

With all the chaos going on in our lives these days Brian and I sometimes feel like ships passing in the wind.  Now that he isn't in paramedic school we do have more time at home together but it still seems like it is the rarity instead of the norm. 

I truly believe that the strength of a family is dependent on the healthiness of the relationship between spouses.  The stronger and deeper rooted the relationship between husband and wife the stronger and healthier the family is. 

One of the keys to a secure marriage is intimacy.  I am not just talking about intimacy in the bedroom but intimacy throughout the day.  I am talking about the moments in the kitchen when you kiss as you are preparing dinner or doing the dishes, the little whispers in the hallway while moving kids from bath to bed, texts saying that you are thinking about your spouse.

I am lucky in that Brian is so good at all the little moments.  It pushes me to respond back in the same manner, when I am apt to run in the other direction with ten things on my mind.  The moods of our house definitely revolve around the mood of our relationship.  When we take the time to be loving with each other, I have noticed we are often more relaxed and loving with the kids.  When we go into stressful survival mode and don't take the time to check into each other the kids feed off of that. We are more likely to be sharp with them and they in turn are less likely to obey.