Friday, March 25, 2011

That Newton Guy was a Genius!

Where my son discovers the awesomeness of letting go and gravity!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garrett Quirks

As Garrett's personality comes through there are funny little things that see:
  1. He cries/fusses/gets sad when he knocks down a block tower. We think it is because he gets frustrated that the blocks don't stay in together when they fall down. The longer you keep stacking them the more upset he gets. It is kind of funny, cause we are mean like that.
  2. He is TERRIFIED of dogs. I found this out when he and I were at my mom's last weekend. I mean shrieking and shaking and clinging everytime the dog came into the room or moved.
  3. The only time he is even remotely snuggly is after a bottle right before the crib, if he isn't already passed out.
  4. His tongue is always sticking out.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I am Horribly Jealous of my Husband...

Here is the skinny... Due to the long awaited addition of a staff member on Brian's fire department, Brian's schedule is changing to 12 hr shifts on Monday and Tuesday and a 16 hr shift on Wednesday. Which are some really long days, but this means that he has Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Like off, off, not on call, not well I am kind but not really off, not I am off but I have meetings. We are both so excited about him being home more (less night meetings etc), and best of all we get to pull Garrett out of daycare on Thursdays and Fridays and he gets to stay home with Daddy.

Until I was faced with the reality of it I was just excited and then today all of the sudden this schedule starts tomorrow and WHAM I am so jealous that I want to cry. I mean, I want to stay home with Garrett. I want to work only three days and enjoy the bliss of my baby for four days a week. I want to be relaxed and refreshed and renewed after four days off with my little guy, every week. UGH...I am a horrible person for not being able to just be excited about what this means for our family and that Brian has worked really hard, will continue to work hard and deserves this.
Because I mean, who doesn't want to stay home with this:

And I mean that is what it comes down to isn't it? I want to be at home so bad, not working in a job that does nothing but stress me out. I am thankful for it and the way that it challenges me, but nothing compares to what it would mean to spend all my time with Garrett.

Monday, March 7, 2011

If This Isn't True Love...

He did the dishes and now is bathing and putting Garrett to bed so I can watch the Bachelor. If that isn't love, I don't know what is...

My brain is overloading most of the time these days. I had a funny cooking post all stored away in my mind on Friday, and it is pretty much gone, but here is a mix of that and other craziness.
  • I love cooking and drinking wine, it is good for the soul.

  • I need a wok.

  • Why is it so hard to get portions right? On Thursday I made spaghetti knowing that the noodle/sauce ratio would be way off (and I had 1.5 lbs of meat that needed to be cooked and only 3/4 of a jar of sauce.) It came out perfect. On Friday I made fried rice and we had so much left over that Brian filled up 2/3 of one of our largest tupperware, not that I am complaining about leftovers or anything...

  • Garrett is turning 9 months on Thursday (that can't actually be possible...) and is getting his two top the same time. He is surprisingly chipper.

  • I made this...This being a cream cheese and apple braided danish. It was amazing, and hard. I was really proud of myself.

  • I can't wait for summer and camping and hiking and warm weather and sun...I think that having last summer off is going to make this summer even harder.