Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garrett Quirks

As Garrett's personality comes through there are funny little things that see:
  1. He cries/fusses/gets sad when he knocks down a block tower. We think it is because he gets frustrated that the blocks don't stay in together when they fall down. The longer you keep stacking them the more upset he gets. It is kind of funny, cause we are mean like that.
  2. He is TERRIFIED of dogs. I found this out when he and I were at my mom's last weekend. I mean shrieking and shaking and clinging everytime the dog came into the room or moved.
  3. The only time he is even remotely snuggly is after a bottle right before the crib, if he isn't already passed out.
  4. His tongue is always sticking out.

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The Lemke 7 said...

Miss you all SO much!!