Thursday, March 19, 2009


I feel chubby lately!

For our wedding last summer I lost 10-15 lbs. Why didn't I just keep it off? Why did I have to gain it ALL back in like 6 months? Ugh! Lesson learned, it is worth it to keep off the weight and not eat whatever you want than work another 6 months to take the weight back off!! Unfortunately I haven't got the motivation to really even start trying to take the weight back off...

I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought a Sushi roll and a large salad for dinner last night. I didn't even eat the salad which I thought was good (less calories right?) Tonight for dinner I ate the salad...sounds good right? However I couldn't escape from grabbing a whole roll of GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! Rrrrrright....couldn't just take two...had to have the whole roll! I have not and will not eat them all but I will have more than two, that is for sure!!

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