Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Of Mine

I am starting to feel the pull of the loss of Garrett's babyness, or babyhood. I know all you moms of older children are probably laughing. However, with eight months looming over our heads I am starting to feel the pull of all the things to come between now and one year, and then beyond. Feeding him meat, and progressing onto finger foods, crawling and mobility, the socialness he has developed, babbling and talking, and even at some point weaning off of the bottle.

He already looks so much like a little boy, with all his hair and his facial features. As I rock him to sleep at night, with his legs wrapped around me, because his body is to long to fit straight anymore, all I see is the little boy he is becoming, the baby is quickly disappearing.


Alexandra said...

He is going to be the most beautiful baby boy ever! AND the baby disappearing just means the greatness of things to come! The first time he says mommy, first steps, first day of school, first time he draws you a picture. It's going to be an amazing journey! Please blog about all of it :)

Amy said...

You are right (I did giggle a litte) but it breaks my heart that I barely remember those days. Once upon a time I told myself (with our new baby Olivia sleeping on my chest as I watched tv waiting for dad to come home from drafting school) "never forget this moment". I never have and even though that was 5 babies ago it's the freshest memory from any of our "infant days" I can remember.
Alexandra is right... there is so much more to look forward to... the amazement gets stronger and stronger as they become smarter & smarter!!! It is a wonderful (nerve-racking at times cause they'll end up smarter than you possibly) life to share in!!!
You wouldn't believe me if I told you how much Daren says & does.
Ex: Here is our conversatation form yesterday...
Daren "I want to play ds."
Me "No, not right now."
Daren "YES"
Me "I said no."
Daren "Why not?!"
Tim standing there with the look - how old is this kid & who teaches him these things?!