Friday, May 6, 2011

About Me

So I have a million posts in my head about my monster sweet baby, but I figured I would talk about myself instead. I have been busy! We have been busy!

I feel like I am getting a hold of things at work, which is a good feeling. I am starting to establish myself as supervisor and only look like a fool half the time instead of all the time. I am also building relationships with the supervisory staff, which is replacing some of the relationships I lost when I became supervisor. It is nice to have people at work to relate to again.

Home is crazy but Brian and I have gotten into a good routine. Him working only three days a week has made a night and day difference in our household. I feel really good about having Garrett in daycare three days a week and home four days a week. There is a lot less guilt there. He is also getting bigger and more interactive and dependent (kinda).

I want to achieve something for myself this summer. I feel like I pour everything in to work, family and home. With longer days (aka more time and energy) and warmer weather I want to do something for just me. I have decided lately that I want to train my body to run...weird I know. I am considering C25K (Couch to 5 K) training, and have talked to Brian about doing it with me, possibly. I mean we REALLY do need to knock off some baby weight (both of us). The idea of getting up in the morning and enjoy the brisk summer air makes me want to put on shoes and run right now! Maybe if I can loose the 20lbs I want to I will reward myself with a great purse or a shopping trip.

I also want to learn to garden. I sometimes have to remember that we own this house and can do whatever we want with it, like paint, and make a garden in the backyard! I just have no CLUE where to start. I want pretty flowers and shrubs that wont die in 2 weeks... maybe some herbs and a tomato plant. Who knows!

Other things going on: Garrett is turning one in a short month! I am diving into party planning to avoid the fact that he will be ONE.ONE.ONE!! Oh My! I can't wait for his party, I am a dork and have a whole balloon theme and color scheme planned out. Including balloon sugar cookie favors and homemade fondant, because I am too cheap to buy some to decorate the cake which, by the way, I have never done (decorate a cake with fondant that is). I will hate myself for doing so much and stressing out over it later. Oh.Well. We have family and good friends traveling out. We will also baptise him on the same day, which is very exciting. Brian's parents will be out for that whole week. I am hoping to sneak out of work for some of that week and enjoy family and the beginning of summer.

If I decided to do the C25K I will also start dieting and tracking my weight. I will post here about it (or at least try!) so you can all hold me accountable. I am excited at the thought (okay not really excited about posting my weight, but whatever!)

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Mike and Sarah said...

I did the couch potato to 5k training a few years ago and it was great - especially if you're not a runner. It really eases you into the training and I was able to run the whole 5k in just 6 weeks. Good for you! Good luck!