Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sick and Busy!

Well we both got hit with the fall nastiness this week. Brian and I have both been home sick off and on with a nasty cold! Brian hardly ever gets sick, so I was pretty surprised when he came home on Wednesday at one in the afternoon (I was already home sick), laid on the bed and was like, "ugh! You got me sick!" Since then we have both been pretty miserable.

We also have been working a ton. I have tomorrow off but that is the only day this week until Friday. Brian has been going to meetings at the fire department a couple of nights a week. I think we are both pretty exhausted with the constant going. Hopefully one of these weekends we can have a full weekend at home with no interruptions!

The weather has also gotten totally crappy. We have had three snow storms in the last week. I think that their has been around 6 inches of snow or more. The high this weekend is in the low 20's and the lows are right around 0. UGH!! No fun!

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