Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I feel like our family has been hit by a tsunami and we are trying to tread water until we figure out what the hell to do. Here is the past 6 days:

Friday: Find out in the evening that I got the promotion I applied for. Yay!
Saturday: Work and find out that I HAVE to be at work for a meeting Monday morning. Scramble for a babysitter for Monday.
Sunday: Church, sleeping on the couch and small group.
Monday: Work until 1pm, catch up on cleaning at home that has not been done very thoroughly in weeks, and monitor work e-mail all afternoon to deal with things that I did not have time to handle while I was at work.
Tuesday: Work until 3, which includes leaving an hour late. Feel guilty about picking him up from daycare an hour late. Brian has a meeting at 7pm that lasts until midnight
Wednesday: Brian leaves for meeting at 5:30am, get Garrett ready, go to work. Leave work a half hour late (feel guilty). Do the hand off with Brian as he heads out the door for a meeting at 6:30pm.

This all includes Garrett getting up at 5am every morning since Monday because of the time change.

I am so excited that I got the dispatch supervisor's position at work. However, now I am now dealing with being incredibly busy at work (hence leaving late almost everyday) and feeling so guilty about the time that it is taking away from Garrett and Brian. I am hoping that it will get easier as I settle into things.

I have tomorrow off for Veteran's day, so Garrett and I are going to catch up on grocery shopping and errands that I have not had the time to deal with. I also have to get Garrett all packed up because he is going to my mom's for the weekend. I feel bad that I have been so busy and now we are "shipping him away" for the weekend. But it is something that we have had planned for awhile, and something that I know Brian and I need and deserve. My mom is going to pick him up on Friday afternoon from daycare and then we are going to go down to Gardiner on Sunday and get him. Brian and I are planning on doing some hunting on Saturday or Sunday morning and also celebrate my promotion on Saturday with a night out. I cannot wait but I also cannot imagine Garrett not being here to cuddle and hangout with.

I have a 5 month picture to post of Garrett, YAY for five months! I have not had time yet though to sit down and write a post. I think I am having a hard time because I feel bad about work being so crazy and I CAN NOT believe that he is five months.

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Lexi said...

It will get better. Let things settle into a routine. =) It's more about the quality of the time than always about the quantity. Hang in there!! I'll be in your boat in a few weeks when I head back to school.