Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Party Planning...again...

So we are going to the great state of Minnesota at the beginning of July to see Brian's family. We are both really excited to go and see them since it was a year and a half ago that we were back in that neck of the woods.

When we got married last year Brian's father's side of the family was unable to make it out for the wedding. Now in any normal family this would be maybe 10-20ish people. However, Brian's father had 8 siblings and they are all pretty much married with 2-5 kids, and some of their kids have kids... So, obviously their were a lot of people missing. As we were planning and sending out invites for the wedding it was mentioned a time or two that maybe we should do something in Minnesota so all of these people could celebrate with us (and get to know me better.) Three weeks ago Brian and I were sitting on the couch and he looked at me and was like, "we probably need to do something with my family while we are in Minnesota." I said, "do something?" "Yeah, like with my dad's side of the family." In my head I was thinking, oh no, not another big shin dig thingy mabobber, and shouldn't we (as in you) have started thinking about/brought this up a couple of months ago, not five weeks before we are supposed to be out there?

Now here is my question(s). How do you have a get together that is celebrating your marriage a year ago and not have a "reception?" What do you call that, especially when you are technically hosting it? Can you do a potluck side dish style thing with hot dogs and hamburgers as the main dish? (The fact that we will have to supply the main dish, serving ware, decorations and didn't save up ANY extra money to do it is a WHOLE nother issue that could have been solved if my wonderful husband would have brought this up a couple of months ago!) I am pretty sure that adding to my anxiety about this is the fact that I don't know his extended family very well and I don't know how they normally do things like this...

Brian's sister also suggested bringing lots of pictures and maybe a slide show and is going to do that in three very busy weeks? Let me guess... :)

P.S. Pardon my freak out! :)

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