Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nothing Like the Wii to take a Swing at the Self Confidence Meter

Oh Boy! So did I mention that I got a Wii for my birthday? It is the ONLY Nintendo/gaming system that I have EVER owned in my entire 25 years. Crazy, I know. I contribute my complete lack of understanding and uncoordinated-ness (which is a word...obviously!) with any gaming controller to this fact. Since I am completely inept with any regular controller I obviously suck at playing games.

However, the Wii is a totally different story. I get the motion thing and there is really only a couple of buttons on the remote, so I don't fair to bad all-in-all. I can even beat Brian at least the first time we play. He actually got mad at me when we were playing golf and I was simultaneously winning and asking him what a bogey was, and if a birdie meant that I was doing well.

Anyway I digress. The point of this post was the Wii Fit.

Since Brian and I have been married we have slowly but surely put on the newlywed 15. It is sad but true. After our recent vacation we decided that it was more than time that we buckled down and started dieting and exercising like every good overweight American does. So we pulled out the handy ole South Beach Diet book and made a shopping list. I told Brian that in celebration of our starting to diet we should get a Wii Fit. So we did.

On Sunday afternoon when we got home from Costco and the grocery store we plugged her in, getting all excited to see what cool things we could do with our new Wii Fit. She promptly told me that I was overweight and poor Brian that he was even know up there on the weight scale. Poor guy!

I have done two days of exercising on the Wii since we got it. I like that it is interactive and sadly I can feel the workout in my muscles (which is good.) However, I do not like the fact that while you bank minutes for working out, it takes you a couple of minutes to navigate in between screens to get to the next yoga move, or strength training. It makes it hard to have a nice flow to a work out!

So I am interested to see where the Wii Fit will take us on our journey as we eat only salads for now until forever in hopes of shedding a few pounds before bikini season!


Amy said...

I LOVE Wii TOO!!! Now I have to point out since your birthday has come and gone you have to update your "About me" section. That is what sisters are for. :)

Kaci said...

I have a Wii too...and the Wii Fit as well. It told Travis that he was severly overweight. Not sure where it gets it info from? Made me laugh! I sure felt the burn the first week I used it.