Friday, July 24, 2009

The Obsession Starts

"What obsession?" you ask.

The all the sudden we have to buy a house, and it might be more possible than we thought, and I CANNOT stop looking at real estate websites obsession! I literally itch to get on the computer and start searching for our next house.

What happened? I have been casually looking off and on for the last couple of months just to see what is on the market and stuff like that. Yesterday morning at work I was convinced that I found this AMAZING deal on a 3 bed 2 bath condo. I came rushing home all in a thither and told Brian that we could definitely afford it right now and that we should call a real estate agent and go take a look at it THIS afternoon. To my surprise he actually agreed. So I called and set up a showing with the real estate agent and that lead to setting up a financing meeting with a mortgage loan officer and all the sudden we were on the track to start looking for houses.

So we didn't like the all. And the loan officer told us that while it looks like we are in a good position to get a decent mortgage we will need to save up some more money for a down payment (which we sorta knew anyway.) However, the real estate agent told us about a Montana Rural Development housing loan that we might qualify for which requires a VERY small down payment. So we are going to set up a meeting with a different mortgage agency that specializes in this loan on Monday, and see what happens from there.

All very exciting and now I have one more excuse to spend countless hours wasting my time online at work and home!

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