Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Week

Dear Garrett,

I never thought that I would be the type to want to write my children letters, but here I am with so much to say to you after only one week of life. As I nurse you for what already feels like like the millionth time I marvel at how tiny you really are. You swim in newborn clothes, which seemed unimaginably small before you came. Mommy was not prepared and we had to go and get preemie clothes just so that you would have something to wear that would fit.

You are nothing that we expected and more than we could of hoped for. Your daddy looked at you the other day and said, "I just didn't understand how much I would love you!" Falling in love with you has been one of the best experiences of our lives. We constantly laugh at the sweet faces you make (even the grumpy ones), and the grunts that come out of you while you sleep. We marvel at all of your hair and the fact that it is brown with blond highlights.

The first week of your life has been a busy one. We came home from the hospital on Friday, the day after you were born, and Grandpa and Grandma Trowbridge showed up on Saturday. Mommy and daddy have appreciated all of their help, especially in the mornings when Grandma takes you and holds you so that we can get a couple more hours of sleep!

When you got home from the hospital you were a little jaundice. On Monday the pediatrician made us get a biliblanket for you. I hated having you connected to a machine all of the time. You however seemed to love having the warm lights on your back and the white noise from the machine constantly running. We called you our little glow worm.

You already found your thumb this week. You seem to have a need to have something in your mouth pretty much all the time.

Today on your one week birthday we took you in to get circumcised, fun right? While I know you won't remember it, I am having a hard time seeing you in pain. I think mommy cried as much as you did the first couple of diaper changes, but you seem to be bouncing back just fine.

You are such a handsome little man. While I can't wait for you to get older so we can experience a million memories together, I also want to hold on to you forever while you are so tiny and new (minus the sleep deprivation!) Your daddy and I can't wait to see what a life with you will bring us.



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Mike and Sarah said...

So sweet! Enjoy every moment - it goes by so quickly!