Sunday, June 20, 2010


If you asked me at 4am as Garrett is up grunting to be fed again, how much I would pay someone to feed him (from my boob) and hold him/put him to sleep while I got 8 hours of continuous sleep for one night, it would be an insane amount of money!

This kid is to smart...or something. He has already figured out that it is better to be held while sleeping than to sleep on your own in the Pack N Play. This means that someone is never sleeping or is at the least is dozing with him in the glider (thank god we spent money on a nice used rocker!) I know he is little and I know it will get better.

I think that the problem might stem from him being held all day long while Grandma was here. I told Brian today that we HAVE to start putting him down every time he sleeps (even though it is so tempting to hold him and I think that in general you can't really snuggle a newborn to much) because I just don't know how else to get him used to sleeping on his own. Putting him down in the Pack N Play on his own and having him wake up 10 minutes later is a lot less frustrating during the day than for the 5th time during the night.

Of course he sleeps pretty good in our bed, but I am just not comfortable co-sleeping. Our bed has a down mattress pad and is all squishy and soft. I am terrified of one of us rolling on him. And I also think that the bed is mine and Brian's and needs to stay that way for intimacy and all that good stuff to keep our marriage healthy.

So for now we keep on trying and keep on getting very little sleep. Tonight we got three hours in a row, which felt like a stinking vacation, and I actually woke up before him! I know he is little and it will get better (as I chant this and rock back and forth like a crazy person!)

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Lexi said...

HUGS!!!! I'm right here with you...We're working on the bed thing ourselves and I wish we had had the presence of mind to just lay her in her crib more often so she would get used to being in there and thinking it was a 'safe' zone even while awake. Are you doing a pack and play that attaches to the bed that's close by, but definitely NOT your bed? If I had had one of those early on....ah, well, too late now! Hugs...feel free to call me if you need to cry at 4 am...I can't come over and babysit, but I'd be happy to let you vent.