Friday, July 9, 2010

The 4th of July Weekend

We had a great holiday weekend with family. This post will be mostly pictures. I am proud of myself for getting so many! I only missed one day, the day that we went to and old mining town called Virginia City.

The weekend started out with a HUGE hail storm. Well actually two storms. This is the second one. Tim and Amy's poor van got pounded as they were pulling into town. Bozeman has millions of dollars of damage. Including tons of broken windows in cars and houses. The university had 200 broken windows from golf ball and baseball size hail. We were lucky and seemed to miss the brunt of both storms out in Four Corners.

We hung out with cousins. Garrett got showered with attention. All of the cousin's wanted to hold him and touch him. Our saying for the weekend was, "please don't touch his face!" or " let's give Garrett a little space now!"

Tim wanted to try fly fishing for the first time, so we headed out to the Madison. While the guys fished the kids went swimming. The water was 65 degrees and it was only 70 outside. They didn't seem to notice though!

One day we headed off to the Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. The caverns were awesome and everyone had a great time. I ended up having to exit the caverns early with three kids who had to go to the bathroom and one child who was hungry and screaming his head off. I didn't time feeding Garrett very well and needless to say he let everyone know.

On the fourth we watched the fireworks from a place called Pete's Hill. We had an awesome view of the fireworks. It was definitely an interesting night. Three of the kids fell asleep before the main fireworks show even started. It was windy and raining off and on and finally started coming down pretty good about 10 min before the fireworks were over. The four adults where all sitting their hunched over laughing because it was sort of miserable. I also thought that I smelt a skunked and as soon as I loudly exclaimed "does anyone else smell a skunk?" I realized that it was not a skunk but someone smoking a dobie...I am retarded and we got to enjoy the scent all night long!

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