Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well we are pretty close to the six week postpartum mark. I have my doctor's appointment on Thursday afternoon. I am really feeling pretty good. I would say besides the lasting effects of extra chub and stretch marks I feel pretty much normal!

When it comes to my body I actually feel okay about it. I don't think that I would be happy about it six months from now, but for six weeks after giving birth I am happy with where I am at. My weight is the same as it was at my 8 week prenatal appointment. I am about 15-20 lbs heavier than I would like to be but really only 5-10 lbs heavier than I was right around when I got pregnant, so I feel like that really isn't too bad. At my appointment they will clear me to start working out so hopefully I will start with that (at least I intend to...we will see!) I still don't entirely fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and pants, but am only one size bigger. Even though I would like to blame it on my hips expanding, my suspicion is that if I drop that next ten pounds that my pants will fit again. Which is good, I mean who really wants their hips to actually just be a size wider (Right???) but bad because it means that I definitely have more chub to lose!

Emotionally I feel great. Of course there definitely have been baby blue moments where I have lost it or felt a little down or wondered what in the heck we were thinking. But all in all I feel much happier than I did when I was pregnant, which is sort of weird!

After all that complaining and hating being pregnant, I actually can't wait to do it again (just not right away!) I think that I didn't really "get it," like I didn't understand how cool of a thing it is that after 9 months this beautiful little being comes out of you. I am excited to possibly enjoy the next pregnancy and even birth. Well, I actually thought that giving birth was an incredibly cool thing, I mean as cool as pushing a watermelon out of a wine bottle can be!! I just realized that I never really wrote about Garrett's birth...I will have to work on that post...

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Lexi said...

Hooray! So, I felt I should respond to your post. You are doing SO great with the baby chub and stretch marks! It took me a full year to get down to pre-baby weight so I know you can do it!