Friday, July 23, 2010

Music of the Night

I realized EARLY this morning how loud our house is at night. I seem to be the only one who gets to enjoy it's full range of noises.

Garrett: He grunts in his sleep a lot! Usually for the first couple minutes that you put him down each time he strains and grunts against the swaddle. He also moans, gasps, burps and farts. There have been many times when the room is silent and this loud perfect fart rips through the room just as we are drifting off to sleep. All of these sounds though are better than cooing. Happy cooing sounds from the crib in the middle of the night is like a death sentence. It means that he is up, happy and WIDE awake and one of us isn't getting sleep for at least another hour and a half. or so However, the little guy is quiet compared to the big one...

Brian: He snores...we all know this, I am pretty sure that I have mentioned it before. I have never wanted to suffocate someone more than at 4am when I am up for the fourth time in a row, after an hour and a half of sleep between every feeding, and his snores are RIPPING through the room...Like so loud I can't even think (not that my sleep deprived self is trying to think very hard.) At this point in the morning I am convinced that he is snoring to rub it in that besides one diaper change in the last 7 hours, he hasn't even MOVED. Hence the feelings of extreme violence. Sleep deprivation is a weird thing. He is lucky because I really do like him and he is pretty useful to have around, or else...!!

Of course I am the only one who hears all of these wonderful sounds. Sometimes Garrett spends twenty minutes grunting and fussing before he gets upset and I get him out of the crib (I have a don't pick him up out of the crib until he is actually crying/upset policy...half the time he either falls back asleep or is already asleep when he is fussing.) Brian sometimes doesn't even hear is amazing.

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