Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Little Stressed...

Brian's parents are coming out to see us this weekend. They will be arriving on Thursday night and leaving next Wednesday (I think!) We are so excited to see them and show them our new house. I also have a doctor's appointment on Monday where we are supposed to hear the heartbeat for the first time and we are hoping that they might get to hear it as well.

However, I am also stressed out about them coming. Of course I am semi neurotic and want the house to be all clean and perfect. And everything ready to go when they get here. The problem is that I have been working A LOT and have been too sick and tired to do anything when I am at home. So the laundry is still not done, the oven is not clean, the guest bathroom still needs a good scrub, boxes still need to get unpacked from moving and there is a stack of dishes in the sink that you could get lost in!

I just keep trying to tell myself that it will all get done, and what doesn't get done won't really be that big of a deal. Right?? Right!

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