Friday, September 11, 2009


I am making a lot of plans to decorate the house. Most of them receive eye rolls from Brian, but I forge ahead (he loves me, I can get him to agree to anything within reason...right?!) So....I love the new trends in wallpaper and want to think that I am brave enough and have enough design sense to wallpaper at least a wall right?

I was thinking this master bedroom wall, which you can see from the rest of the house if the door to the room is open (our bed is in the same spot.)

And these are the wallpapers that I am considering:

Harlequin: Passion in Duck Egg Blue

Prestigious Reflections: Divine Porcelain

I love both of them, unfortunately they are both only available in the UK and the shipping costs the same as the wallpaper does. But still semi affordable...semi...! I think I am going to have to order samples!

In the meantime my parents are going to come over on Sunday and help us paint the bedroom a tan/gold color and paint the bathroom a light gray blue color. I am excited and a little nervous to see how it turns out!

I what do you think about my desire to paint and the wallpaper choices?

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