Saturday, September 12, 2009

Laundry Room

Today we taped the master bedroom and bathroom in preperation for my parentals to come and help us paint tomorrow. When we went to pick out paint colors I decided that their was no reason for us to get samples and go back home to see what I thought of them in the room or any of that nonsense. Their was no reason why I couldn't be desicive and just pick two colors in the store and then bring them home.

After picking a goldish tan color for the bedroom and a gray blue color for the bathroom we headed home. We got home and I walked into the room, looked at the paint sample card and was like, "ugh, it is kinda dark for the room." Oh well though, it will look fine...right?!?!

I will post pictures of the during and after tomorrow or Monday. To hold you over though I have pictures of laundry rooms that I love. One of the things that my stepdad (who is a carpenter) is going to do is measure our laundry room for cabinets that he is going to make for us. Right now we are in need of storage for things like our mob, broom, vacum, cleaning supplies, laundry stuff, extra itemns (paper towels, kleenex, light bulbs, etc.), and possibly linens.

Our laundry room right now.

I love the ones that have counters over the washer and dryer. I also would love to have a tall cabinet that will definately hold a broom, mop and vacum.

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Alexandra said...

Them are some fancy rooms to wash underwear in. haha. I love you. You're amazing and you're house is going to be beautiful!