Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"I can't imagine that it will take more than 45 minutes!"

Those were famous last words! That is what I told Brian when he asked me how long he should get someone to cover command for him while we signed all of the papers for our house. I scheduled it for 11:15am yesterday thinking that I would be home and in bed by 12:15pm. I am was so naive! I was home and in bed by 1:30pm (in case anyone cares that made 24hrs without sleep for me!)

Signing definitely took longer than I thought, but it was totally worth it! We got our house and we couldn't be any more excited! The final figures were less than what we were originally thinking which was nice, since we stressed a lot about the final figures.

Since our schedules are so opposite (esp. with me working 12 hour shifts the first couple weeks of school) we didn't even have a chance to go over to the house and take a picture, or drink a glass of celebratory champagne. We are hoping to do that tonight!

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