Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am actually getting excited for fall which sort of surprises me since I feel like I missed my summer. Here are the things that I am excited for...

  1. A good excuse to make pumpkin bread, apple pie, pumpkin pie, etc...(also known as a good excuse to get chubby!)

  2. The best apple pie EVER!

  3. Fall decorating.

  4. Fall Scents: Pumpkin and apple cider candles and scents. I went into Bath and Body Works(which I hardly ever much of an overload for my nose) for bubble bath and started smelling their fall home scents. I walked out with a wall plug-in with one pumpkin patch smell and two replacement scents called Leaves. It is heavenly, I melt every time I walk through the dining room.

  5. Everything turning colors.

  6. The holiday season, yeah that's right I am EXCITED for Christmas ALREADY!

  1. And last but maybe the most important, the fall line up for TV shows! I am talking Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, The Amazing Race, and Gossip Girl. No Brian doesn't get to watch anything on TV until spring...It is good for him!

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