Tuesday, May 11, 2010

35 Weeks and So Much More

On Friday baby turned 35 weeks which is very exciting. Less than 35 days left now! Because we had such a fun and busy weekend I am not going to do a full survey, just a small update.

I am fully recovered from our L&D fun last week, and have been feeling great. Sleep is getting more and more uncomfortable. My legs go numb and/or my hands fall asleep so I am rolling around/going to the bathroom every two hours or so. I also really only get heartburn in the middle of the night which is helpful. I officially tried sleeping sitting up in the papasan last night (which was even more uncomfortable than the bed), and ended up on the couch. Brian woke me up this morning when my alarm went off in the bedroom, asking me if he was snoring to loud :) I was nice and told him no, but that I was really uncomfortable. Other than not sleeping as well I really am feeling amazing!

On to more exciting things. I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid in the wedding of a friend from college this past weekend. We headed up to Kalispell, Montana on Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday morning. It was nice to get away with Brian for a long weekend, we were busy but managed to spend some great quality time together. This was hands down the best wedding that I have been in/attended. It was very low key and I really got to spend some quality time with the bride and her family and some great friends from college. Brian was such a trooper and spent quite a lot of time in the hotel room while I did things like get my nails done, run errands and attend a bridal shower. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was so nice. I am happy for Rachel and Jake and wish them a lifetime filled with love.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. We took our time driving home and went through the Seeley/Swan area. It was gorgeous and brought back a lot of memories from the days before Brian. A friend from high school was in town yesterday so we had lunch and then I ran some errands with them before they headed out of town.

We had a great couple of days and it made us realize how important the close friends in your life can be. I wish that we all lived closer together so we could enjoy each other more often!

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