Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Labor and Delivery Visit Numero Dos

The Spanish is in honor of Cinco de Mayo, and yes I had to google the spelling, Spanish class was a LONG time ago!

Anyway, ya, so we ended up in L&D again on Monday afternoon. I thought it was preterm labor, I really did! I got up feeling all achy and crampy and it was coming and going, this included lower back pain. I headed to work and it just got worse. So I went home, called the doctor and laid around. Finally the doctor called me back and told me to come in. At this point I was thinking that there was a good chance we might be staying at L&D for awhile. When Brian came home from work to get me I asked him if he thought we should pack anything or bring anything, you know like a toothbrush and a CARSEAT!

If I haven't mentioned it before Brian is VERY cool headed in these kind of situations and takes a "your fine, lets go, I have seen worse" kind of approach. He was like, let's just see what they say. Which was actually reassuring at this point, even though I was like, "No really this might be it, it HURTS!"

So off we went with us...and my purse. It ended up being a kidney stone. Yup, if you are counting that is three hospital visits and two kidney stones for the Nickolay's in like ten weeks. They sent us home that same night and everything has been good since then. I was glad that everything was fine with the little man and he is going to stay in me for a couple more weeks.

Oh, and for the record I was way more calm and less...uh "verbal" then Brian was when he had his kidney stone, just thought I would throw that out there!

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Lexi said...

That totally sucks! A kidney stone while pregnant? What a horrible twist of fate.