Thursday, May 13, 2010


I feel like it is getting down to crunch time, which is exciting! We definitely have a lot left to do. I am not really a list person but I definitely pull them out when I start to get overwhelmed. I started a list like a month ago for things that we needed to buy before baby comes. We have purchased the necessary items but I keep on adding to it. The list isn't any shorter than when I started.

Then their is the "To Do List." It is long and it looks something like this:
1. Pack Hospital Bag
2. Pack diaper bag
3. Make fabric bins
4. Make Valence
5. Set up pack n play
6. Talk to Pediatrician
8. Remove all spider webs
9. Move living room furniture an clean underneath
10. Move fridge, oven, washer, and dryer and clean behind
11. Wash windows
12. Organize crawl space
13. Fix living room floor and bedroom carpet
14. Put batteries in everything
15. Birth announcements
16. Update Ipod
17. Birth Plan
18. Install Carseat
19.Call insurance company about Breast Pump
20. Take hospital registration packet to L&D
21. Change oil in car
22. Get car detailed

And this is the edited list. Some of these items have sub lists. I was telling Brian that we have so much to do before Garrett comes and he was like "what are you talking about?" I said, " haven't seen the LIST!"

I am working the night shift Saturday and Sunday but then have Monday-Wednesday off. I am hoping to get a lot of this done in that time!


Mike and Sarah said...

You're nesting!

Brittany and Brian said...

Haha...I haven't actually started doing anything on the list. Does that still count as nesting?