Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Garrett's first half day of daycare is on Friday. He will go Friday morning and then we will be home next week and then he will start going three days a week through September when we will start going full time. I don't even know how to express how I feel. I am excited to go back to work, sort of. I know that he will be okay, I think...

Brian and I "dropped in" this morning to drop off some paperwork. I didn't call and warn Jenni the daycare lady, I wanted to kind of drop in unannouced and see how it went. I felt bad but she was supper great. My biggest fears are that he will be left alone to much and that his needs will not be met, well like I can meet them. He is just so little and still so needy. There are only a total of twelve kids. Five of them will be babies, including Garrett. So that is not that many, and there are always at least two teachers.

While we were at the daycare I noticed that a couple of the kids were coughing and had runny noses. I know that being sick is just part of being in daycare. I worked in one, I know how it goes. Now that it is my guy that is going to get sick, it makes me sad. I know when he gets that first cold it will probably be harder for me than him.

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