Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Weekend

So this was the first weekend in 7 weeks that we have been home all weekend with no obligations to do anything with anyone. It feels so good! As much as we love our family and friends I think that it is important to spend time just as a family, especially since Brian is always so busy during the week and I am going back to work part time starting this week. We definitely had a fun weekend. Here are a bunch of pictures of everything we did!

Last weekend we bought a large tent for future camping trips. We thought that we would try and put her up in the yard to see how it went. I love it, Brian thinks it is too big. It is a lot to set up and take down, their are a lot of pieces and stakes! I am really excited about the front room which is all screens when the window pieces are unzipped

Playing with daddy.

Checking it out!

I think their will be plenty of room for me to crawl around in here next summer!
On Saturday we went to the Potato Festival (the "tater festival" we heard someone call it) in Manhattan, MT. The Manhattan fire department had a pancake breakfast and then their was a parade and a craft fair.

At the parade with mom.

Bath time with Daddy on Saturday night!

Look at all that curly hair!

This morning we went to church and this afternoon we put together our new chairs for the front porch. These were on sale at one of the local hardware stores. They need a couple more coats of stain but I can't wait to sit on them on the front porch and drink a beer!

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Alexandra said...

Bah I miss you both sooo much! I cannot wait to read all about my god son and see all of his pics! Love all three of you to pieces!