Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to Work

I started back to work part time last week. Well sort of part time. I was only supposed to be working Tues.-Thurs. 8am to 3 pm but I worked Saturday for 8 hours and today for 7...I am not sure how it happened but at the moment I feel like I am working full time even though I am not working the normal 10 hour shifts. Work is busy because school is starting this week. Hopefully once it calms down I will actually only be working 20ish hours a week.

It feels good to be back to work. I actually don't really miss Garrett to much while I am at work and busy doing stuff. When I am spending time with him at home though I is when I realized how much I miss him and how much I feel like I never get to see him anymore.

It is weird though how easily we fell into a schedule once I went back to work. I feel like Brian has stepped up and we are splitting the "baby duties" more. I actually feel like we are closer as a family in the last couple of weeks. We are all more likely to be found playing on the floor in Garrett's room, laughing in the bathroom during bath time, hanging out in the kitchen during breakfast, or Brian feeding Garrett before bed while I put his laundry away. It is nice and I think Brian and I both savor these moments. Garrett is constantly napping for an hour or two when we get home in the afternoon's and then up till about 7:30 when we do bath, reading, bottle and then rocking. He is almost always asleep by 8:30. He is only getting up once between 12am and 4am, and then I am usually waking him up to nurse around 7am.

I am glad he is falling into such a nice schedule. With how busy we are I think I would go crazy if I felt like we were still all over the place with bedtime, feedings and stuff. Brian has had to pick up extra command shifts to cover for a lack of staff and he has meetings tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday. It is weeks like this where we really feel the stress of our jobs and neither of us can wait until Thursday night when we can just hangout and enjoy each other and Garrett.

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