Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 Months


This letter is coming a little late in the month. Today is October 20th and we actually took your 4 month picture only yesterday (mommy cheated and put the tenth on the sign anyway.) The last month has been a busy one.

On Monday October 19th you had your 4 month well baby visit. It was sort of a rough one for your dad and me. You laughed and cooed at the doctor and charmed everyone with your smiles. You are growing by leaps and bounds. You now weigh 14.01 lbs and are 34 1/2 inches long, this makes you in the 27th percentile for both height and weight which is rare for a baby to be in the same percentile for both categories. Dr. Harris said that you are a strong baby with good muscle tone and that you might be an earlier crawler. Unfortunately, we did learn that you have a heart murmur and a weak left eye muscle. It is hard to hear that your baby is not totally healthy but Dr. Harris said that we check these things at your six month visit and that there is a good chance that you will grow out of them. You got a second round of immunizations and they seemed to be harder on you this go around, you cried a lot in the doctor's office and then you were miserable in the afternoon at home.

You are so much more alert and active then you were at 3 months. You learned how to roll from your stomach to your back and are working on rolling the other way. You can sit up supported and can even sit alone for a couple of seconds before you start to wiggle and lose your balance. Speaking of wiggling, oh my goodness, do you ever squirm! You squirm when we hold you which can be hard when I am trying to make to a bottle and hold you. Your limbs are pretty much moving all the time whether you are sitting or laying on the floor. We tried to feed you baby cereal but you would have none of it. You pursed your lips together so hard that I couldn't even get the spoon in your mouth and then every time you licked your lips you would start gagging like the taste of the cereal was the WORST thing that you had ever experienced (and maybe so far it is!)

This last month your Grandma Pat, Uncle Kevin, and Cousins Brando, Cole and Grant came out to see you. You did a lot of hiking with them and loved every minute of being outside. Your cousins were good at entertaining you. You loved the attention and watching the big boys run around. You also met Naisha, one of mommy's best friends we took you shopping and hung out with you at the house while you decided to be miserable from the shots that you received on Monday.

I always say this but, I can't believe how much you are growing. A couple of nights ago I was looking at you while you slept in your crib in your fuzzy green dinasour pajama's and I realized that you are starting to look like such a little boy. Sometimes as I am getting you ready for a bath or dressing you for the day we just stare into each others eyes and smile. These are my favorite moments, the ones where it is only you and I in the world, no other distractions.

I will love you always,


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Amy said...

I am not even going to try to read this now. I have been taking care of my own children for 4 days and everyone misses dad. Daren was REALLY milking bedtime tonight! On another day when I am more emotionally stable I will come back to it.

You're doing a great job mamma!
(And no- I never thought the pic on the counter top was bad.)