Friday, October 8, 2010

A bone to pick with Martha

I like Martha Stewart in the sense that I like her magazine and the home design and DIY projects that she is always doing. I mean don't we all wish that we could have a beautiful craft room and were able to decorate our house exactly how we wanted? Oh and garden, cook, decorate, craft, entertain and still have the time to send homemade Christmas cards to everyone that we ever knew?

Here is the thing about Martha though, she doesn't do it herself. She has a whole cooperation that manages her houses and gardens, tells her what crafts to do for shows and articles, designers who set up and organize her craft room, staff that decorates her house(s) for holidays and arrange her dinner parties, cooks that cook for her. Oh, not to mention unlimited funds to use to do all of this.

I cannot keep flowers/plants alive, barely ever get dinner on the table these days for us non-the-less guests, and definitely do not have the funds to decorate my house to the nine's for every holiday or even the funds to do fun crafty stuff.

What I am saying is Martha is great and all but she is a fake, NO one can be that good all by themself!

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Mike and Sarah said...

I second these thoughts!