Monday, October 11, 2010


What is it about this picture that is so striking? Is it the look in the babies eyes, or maybe that he seems to truly be participating in such a deep ritual?

It really makes me think about how Brian and I are approaching religion with Garrett. We have started to go to church regularly and have even joined a small group. Joining a church is something that we have talked about doing since we started dating but having Garrett and wanting him to be brought up in a church is what really kicked us into gear. However, I have always though of it as something that we are doing so that when he is "old enough" he will be able to participate and to gain and learn from the experience. Seeing this picture though makes me think, is that the wrong way to approach it? Is religion something that from the beginning we should teach him to participate in?


Anonymous said...

Dear sweet mom & dad of Garrett,

You are bringing Me into his life as I brought him into yours. Always be curious on your earthly journey as I have so many wonderful treasures awaiting everyone when reaching heaven, that is if you understand how much I'd love everyone to be here with me.


Brittany and Brian said...

Thanks Amy!!

Anonymous said...