Sunday, May 24, 2009

You know he loves you when he calls you cute after...

five hours of hellacious cramps! Yeah that's right 5 hours of writhing in the bed or on the bathroom floor, cold and hot sweats, 5 IB Prophen, a very short bath, and last but certainly not least stabbing pains in my uterus and lower back. So after all this my hair has dried matted on the back of my head (from my short bath) and I look generally hung over, he calls me cute! I am not sure it I am lucky or married to a crazy!

I used to get awful cramps before I went on birth control in college. I would get some sort of cramps every cycle but they were not always writhing on the floor ones. I went off birth control in February and this is only my second period since then. The first one wasn't to bad. This one actually made me think the following things:
  1. I am so going back on birth control, having a baby is not worth this!
  2. I could totally have a baby contractions and birth can't be any worse than this!
  3. If I just stabbed myself would it make the cramps go away?
  4. I wonder if my OB would prescribe me, oh say, some CODEINE to help with the pain of cramps until we at least start trying to have a baby next January?!

Anyway, I am better for now but will definitely exceed the daily recommended dose of IB Prophen to make sure I stay off the floor!

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