Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fighting Fish

We went camping at Hyalite Reservoir this weekend. Okay, actually it was only Saturday night. The thing about camping for one night is that it is pretty much the same amount of work as camping for multiple nights, which is a bit annoying.

When we got up to the lake we set up the tent and blew-up or new raft. The raft was a lot smaller than Brian had initially thought. He was embarrassed to even put it out on the water but we got her out their! If we both sat on our bottoms on the floor of the raft and crossed our legs there was barely room for a small tackle box and two fishing pools, none-the-less our cooler that held like 6 beers. I thought it was pretty funny...Brian not so much (This is where I would usually insert a picture of Brian crammed into the raft but my camera ate like half of my pictures!)

After we were out in the boat for about 20 minutes it started to rain pretty hard so we booked it to shore and tried to hide beneath a pine tree. This is when all hell broke loose! As we were standing under the tree we could see the hard rain coming toward us from across the lake. We took off up the hill to find shelter and saw that their was a youth camp with cabins that was not open yet. We hide under the eves of one of the cabins. Brian and I got under the cabin just in time because it started to hail like crazy.
I wanted to break into the cabin and get our young love on blockbuster style inside but Brian informed me "we don't break the law." So I pouted and then took this picture (that didn't get eaten by the camera) of us!

After the storm blew over we nixed the raft and just fished from the bank for the rest of the day. Brian was saying that he had never fished for trout with worms in a lake (Montana style, and fly fishing gods please don't strike us down with your wrath!), so I was telling him how my dad and I used to fish, which made me a little sad but we started catching fish!

The rest of the day was spent in our camping chairs by the lake fishing and drinking beer.

This is what we caught:

They were small little suckers but they fought hard and we still had fun just catching fish. as the sun was setting we got some great pictures of the action.

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