Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Being a Firefighter's Wife Means...

that when you go to sign the offer papers on a house, your husband could get a call and you don't get to make an offer :(

So very exciting, we are making an offer on a house! However this afternoon when we went to sign the papers we pulled into the subdivision and Brian pulls over. I was in my car and he was in the fire department command. I am thinking this isn't good, he rolls down his window and says he has a search and rescue call. Which, is why we drive separately...for exact moments like this. And me being a dispatcher means that I know exactly what a search and rescue call could be. It could be that the call goes all night if someone is stuck in the mountains or it could be that they show up on scene and the person is found/okay. I was like "don't worry babe I will buy us a house!" So I went over and talked with the realtor and we walked through the house again. Brian had to be there to sign the papers so we didn't make an official offer but, hopefully we can meet back up with her tonight and get it taken care of.

These are the times where I just have to sigh and and remember that this is how our life is. It really wasn't that big of a deal and I am so proud of Brian and what he does. It sometimes means that I am at home alone when we had plans to go out, or I have to go ahead and finish projects on my own, or try to keep his dinner warm and wonder if . But it also means that he is out helping someone who needs it and if I was ever in need of help I would be so grateful to those men for finding my child or saving my house. I might get frustrated at being left to do things by myself but I can do nothing but love him for who he is and what he does. I admire the passion and dedication with which he performs his job. I couldn't imagine our lives being any different! (I love you babe!)

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