Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So things are their normal crazy here. I am finally sleeping through the day well. I think the stress of making an offer on a house and only sleeping 4-5 restless hours a night last week pushed me over the edge. We have our inspection on Thursday so I am excited for that, and hope everything goes well. It is a new house so we are not expecting any major problems.

Tomorrow, my sister is leaving for India and I am going to go and say goodbye to her at the airport around 1:30pm. I am so excited that she gets to go. I hope that she enjoys her time and that she stays safe!

After my parents drop my sister off at the airport I am going to take them by our new house so they can see it and look in the windows and stuff. They are going to go camping at Wade and Cliff lakes tomorrow night through Sunday. I think that we are going to go up and join them on Friday and stay until Monday. It will be nice to get out of town and go camping for a long weekend.

Brian is going to go on a business trip the last week of August. He is going to Dallas for a leadership in firefighting conference. I am totally jealous and wish that I could go with him! I am glad though that he gets to have the opportunity to go and learn more. The timing is sort of bad though. That is the week that things pick up here at the police station and I will be working extreme amounts of overtime, and we are supposed to be closing on our house and moving the first week in September. In those three weeks I only have three full days off. So things should be awesomely crazy!

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