Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Close

It is getting close to that day that we have been looking forward to and hoping for. One week from today we will be closing on our house. That is if things go as planned. It has been a crazy month. I haven't written to much about the house that we are buying because at first it was such a quick thing and we didn't want to get our hopes up. Just as we were starting to get our hopes up crap hit the crapper.

We didn't end up qualifying for the loan that the mortgage broker assured us that we would qualify for. The loan was a rural development loan and we didn't have to have a down payment. This was the only reason that we even started looking at houses. We would have been fine waiting a couple more months, but once you find the house that you really want, it is so hard to back out...and we already had paid for the inspection and put escrow money down... So we decided to ask my family for the money for a down payment, which was one of the last things that we wanted to do.

So now, here we are, one week away from closing and two weeks away from when we have to be out of our apartment. Brian is away on a business trip and I have started packing. We have bought blinds for the bedroom (so we have them when we move in, consequently they are back ordered until the end of September) and are absolutely floored that we are going to have such an awesome house.

However, their is such a strong feeling of hesitation. Almost like we jinxed ourselves by starting to pack, and buying things for the house. If this falls through it is going to be so awful. Here's to keeping our fingers crossed and our hopes up!


Alexandra said...

Love that the first thing you bought was curtains for the bedroom. Scandalous! (Nevermind that you sleep during the day - that's completely irrelevant!) Don't worry about packing and buying things! I don't think things will fall through, but if worse comes to worse then you'll have things ready for the next awesome house that opens on the market! love love love love love love You and Brian, sometimes.

taogosdl said...

It'll be fine! How you are feeling is how I felt everytime Tim says "it's time to go to the hopsital" when I am in labor! (I'd rather just stay home.) :) I REALLY can't wait to visit my brother & sis-in-law's HOME for the first time!!!