Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Camping in August

The last two weekends Brian and I have gone camping. We went to Seeley Lake the first weekend with friends and then this last weekend we went to Wade and Cliff Lakes with my parents. In most parts of the country August is still considered Summer. It is hot and muggy during the day and it doesn't start cooling down at night until the very end of the month or even into September. Not in Montana, and especially not this summer!

The weekend that we went to Seeley Lake it rained a record amount on Friday, which meant that it was cool and wet all weekend. I don't think the temperatures got above 70 until later on Sunday afternoon, as we were packing up to leave. This last weekend at Wade Lake it actually got down to 38 degrees, we could see our breath. Camping in a tent when it is that cold is not exactly my idea of fun (even though it is a good excuse to cuddle up real close to Brian, not that I need one!)

All-in-all though camping went well. We did a lot of fishing both weekends. At Wade Lake we actually each caught a fish, which is exciting since we haven't been that lucky yet this summer! Of course I forgot my camera both weekends so their are no pictures of the shanagains, or the fish. Below are some pictures of the lakes that I found online.

Wade Lake south of Ennis, Montana

This picture shows really well how clear Wade Lake is. If you fish in a boat off the shore you can see the fish swimming probably a good ten feet down. It is pretty cool!

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