Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Outta Control!

Poor, poor Brian!

Today we were looking at houses with our realtor (which went well, but that story has a better place and time with hopefully a more exciting ending than the one today!) We were discussing with the realtor whether or not we would be able to close on a house before the December 1st cutoff for the $8,000 rebate check. I was telling the realtor that I would rather wait and get into a place that we really like and want, as opposed to rushing into something just to get the money back. We were joking about how that much money was really "no big deal" and she was like, "but you are going to need to furnish a new home!"
UH mind started going 100 mph! Can you imagine ALL that money to have to spend on putting together furniture and decor for a new home! Now deep inside I know that we will use the money to pay off some debt, save, or pay for a baby (if that is happening around the same time,) you know, all practical stuff. BUT because I have nothing better to do at work I picked out a couple of things that I love and really want for a new home!

Guest Bedroom:
I Have been looking for a yellow duvet cover for the guest bedroom for ever! I love everything about this room in the pictures, even the blinds!

Master Bedroom:

We already have a beautiful white duvet with a stripe of brown embroidered flowers and gold/tan sheets. I was thinking I could get a set of blue sheets to alternate and then paint the walls a light tan with maybe an light eggshell blue wall. It would go great with the curtains! Everything that I have found that I like so much is Pottery Barn. I love the idea of the foot stools at the end of the bed. I might be able to find some old foot stools that need to be recovered and also make my own curtains so that I can get them to I said, OUTTA CONTROL. I don't even sew!

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