Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Swear...It isn't Always Like This..

Our house, to put it lightly, is a mess...I am pretty sure it was a tornado...or maybe a hurricane. I wish I had children to blame it on...Amy (just kidding!) But I don't...yet!

The following pictures are horrendous, here is your warning to hit the little x button in the upper right hand corner if you have delicate, ummm, eyes. Some are from a couple of days ago and some are from today...after we (AKA Brian) cleaned...oh boy here they are...

On a positive note, we are obviously packing and feeling really excited about the house! Only three more days until we close. It is just so unbelievable! We are so lucky.


Alexandra said...

What is this? Is this messy? I don't understand.... you can still see the floor. *sigh* Have I taught you Nothing?!

Alexandra said...


On your blog list - the first blog you follow is "Life in the Fun Lane: Continuing the conversation on slipcovers" Slipcovers? I worry about you sometimes. And why on earth would you need to CONTINUE a conversation on slipcovers let alone have one at all?! Are you sure Martha Stuart is your idol? Can't you pick someone a bit more edgy like ... Bono?