Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Am I crazy?

I am starting to think more and more about what we are going to need when baby comes. I am thinking that we are actually going to have a lot of the stuff given to us. This is so great. I have surprised myself in being what I consider totally reasonable when it comes to getting baby stuff. I don't care if it has been gently used, I don't care if it doesn't all match and in general I want it all to be gender neutral, so that it can be used with more than one baby.

So far we have a baby Bjorn and a papasan chair. I think that we will get a bouncer and Bumbo. The things that I want hopefully used, are a johnny jumper, a pack n play that has a bassinet feature in it (this is what we will use in our room for the first couple of weeks), and a swing.

I think that the things that we will buy new are a carseat, crib and a dresser (possibly dresser for Brian and then baby will use his.)

Here is the crazy part though...I think that I am going to sew my own baby bedding. Everything that I like is $200 or more and I refuse to spend even close to that especially for something that I don't love. There is some gorgeous material out in internet world that I absolutely love and would look great in the nursery that I want to create. However, I have not sewn anything since a.) jr. high when I made a duffel bag that fell apart and b.) when I was in 4-H sewing and made....oh ya I didn't finish my project for fair. I kind of feel like this is going to be like when we got married and I decided that It was a good idea to DIY with EVERYTHING! Some of it was a good idea and some of it really wasn't worth the stress (invitations...cough, cough, choke.) My mom has a sewing machine that she has had for ten years and has never even taken out of the box, so I am hoping that she will let me borrow it and then we will go from there. Maybe...

If you have any pointers let me know...I need them!

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