Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Um really?!?

Follows Pregnancy Complaint #429:

My hip, note 1 hip, the left hip is KILLING me. I have always had back problems off and on and a couple of trips to the chiropractor have always seemed to help. My back started really bugging me on Saturday after I shoveled snow (I know, what was I thinking, right?). Then last night I wake up to go to the bathroom for the 149th time, and I literally cannot put any pressure on my hip... Awesome! I *think* that this is something to do with the joints relaxing and the hips widening (which is just what I need) during pregnancy. I just thought that it would be you know in like the third trimester when the baby is big and sitting on the hips.

It feels better now that I have been walking around all day, and if it doesn't feel better in a couple of days I will probably go into the chiropractor and get adjusted, which hopefully will help.

Pregnancy Complaint #429 over.

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