Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Trivia

1. Best childhood gift from Santa: The Kirsten American Girl doll.

2. Best childhood memories: Laying under the lite up tree playing with our nutcracker doll ornaments. Clara, the Prince, God Father and the Mouse King would go on grand adventures.

3. Favorite Christmas cookies: Soft iced sugar cookies are hard to beat!

4. Icky Christmas memory: I can't remember any horrid ones. Besides the childhood disappointment of not getting what I really wanted, even though I am sure it was good for me!

5. It's not Christmas without: A Christmas tree and stockings on Christmas morning.

6. Our Church Service: I used to love going to our church on Christmas Eve. Everybody would dress up and then at the end of the service the lights get turned off, everyone would light their candle and sing Christmas carols.

7. Christmas Pet Peeve: I really can't think of one, odd!

8. Favorite Christmas CD: Mannheim Steamroller

9. Real or Fake: Real always!

10. I spend Christmas Eve: Usually at church and then hanging out with the family at home. When we were little we always got to open one present under the tree. It was always the best to pick out what one you got to open.

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