Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Months


Here we are at three months, it seems like such a big milestone. You are no longer considered a newborn, and honestly you do not act like one! We have definitely past the stage where all you do is "eat, poop, and sleep." You love interacting with anyone in you line of sight, which is considerably bigger than it was. You react to my facial expressions when I am across the room. You get impatient when someone is not giving you enough attention and you get bored when you have been doing something for to long.

This past month you rolled over for the first time, you have only done it one other time since then but I am sure that you will get the hang of it soon. Garrett, you also slept through the night for the first time two nights ago and last night. Daddy laughed at me when I told him I was sad about it because it means you are growing up! Some of the other things that have happened in the last month: You started going to daycare part time, went on two camping trips, you have completely master control of your head, you discovered you have hands and then a couple weeks later discover that you can use them to put thing in your mouth, we stopped nursing (which makes me sad!), and moved you into your own room and crib.

We laugh more now than we ever did before you came into our lives and you demand smiles out of us every time we play with you. Dad calls you his "little buddy" and loves to get you to squeal and smile. Sometimes as I watch you sleep I am overwhelmed by the love that I feel for you. Being a parent is not easy. When it comes to parenting, I have second guessed myself and the decisions that we make daily more in the last couple of months than I have in probably my whole life. I know it is cliche but you are totally worth it!



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A sis n law on the same mommy mission... Amy said...

sniffle, sniffle... tear...
(Tim would nearly kill me if he knew what I was thinking right now.)

You hit the nail one the head...
"Being a parent is not easy."
Never second guess yourself- they catch onto that. You are always right and may apologize if you make a mistake. No one is perfect.