Saturday, September 11, 2010

Garrett's Room

I finally feel like Garrett's room is complete. I absolutely love it. I wanted it to feel like a calming and peaceful place. A place to read books and be rocked to sleep, a place to play quietly with toys some day (well he is a boy so probably no quiet playing!) The room sort of has a children's literature theme, mostly in the art. I wanted the room to be grey but the color I picked out had A LOT more blue in it than I thought. It is a gorgeous color and I have come to love it but it definitely wasn't the color that I had envisioned.

I had Brian take the video below the evening that I went into labor. All the sudden I wanted to get a video of me while I was pregnant and of Garrett's room before he came home. The video was taken at about 9:00pm, five hours after I had started active labor and about an hour and a half before we headed to the hospital. I remember feeling so breathless while talking because of the contractions! I am SO glad that I had Brian take the video. I think that I will treaure it forever!

Where to find stuff:

Glider: It is a Dutailier glider. I would have never paid the money for a new one, but it is really comfy and glides so smoothly.

Bookshelf: Made by my step dad. He is a carpenter and did a great job!

Black Containers: Bed, Bath and Beyond

Mirrors: Target

Table: I found it at a second hand store and painted it white.

Shelves on wall: Home Depot

Crib: Walmart

Picture above Glider: Crocodile Scales

Pictures Above Crib: Are by Noel Young, done for Hygge and West. They are my absolute favorite thing in the nursery!

Picture above Dresser: G is for Giraffe. An awesome gift from a friend!

Things on Dresser: My sister got the Taj Mahal for Garrett while she was in India. The piggy bank was a Baby Shower Gift. It matched the room perfectly!

Things on the Shelves: Left side- The Peter the Rabbit watering can is actually a vase that we got flowers in while we were in the hospital when Garrett was born. The Horse is Brian's from when he was little. Poor horsey is missing his tail and is cracked on the other side. I gave the fire fighters booties to Brian when I told him I was pregnant. Right side- Whinne the Pooh piggy bank was a gift from a family friend. The Peter the Rabbit collection of books was a gift from our shower in Minnesota. The change counter/bank is from Great Grandparents Chromy.

Bedding: I made it myself! I used Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones for a pattern. The fabric was from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow collection. I also used the fabric for the valance, lamp shade (recovered a cheap one from Ross), and in some burp cloths.

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