Thursday, September 23, 2010


The last week or so we have been taking it easy. I have had a lingering cold for two weeks as Garrett finally caught it. He was really bad Sunday afternoon till Monday afternoon. We kept him home from daycare today and he really does seem a lot better.

On Sunday night we put Garrett down around 8:00 pm and all the sudden at about 9:45 I heard him cough and gag (which he had been doing off and on all day.) When I went into the room he sounded super congested and was starting to cry. Between the crying and the gagging he was a mess. He actually started choking at one point, it was pretty bad. We put him in bed between us propped up on the Boppy so that he was elevated and we could be right there in case he started choking again. After two night of this I am glad that he seemed well wnough to have him back in the crib, I really do not like having him in bed with us!

To all you moms who bed share, kudos to you! I always think, "oh how fun, we can snuggle all night!" Instead it just stresses me out. When Garrett was really little and I was sleep deprived I would actually have nightmares where I was digging for him in all of the covers and I couldn't find him. I would actually wake up moving the covers around and flailing trying to find him. I would have to sit up and look around the room to figure out where he was. Once I dreamed that he fell off the bed and I woke up and started looking for him on the floor right by the bed! Ugh...between slept deprivation and the American Academy of Pediatrics putting the fear of a suffocated baby in you. I just can't handle it! So while I would have rather had him in bed with us to make sure he didn't choke, neither Brian or I got a lot of sleep. Besides, I miss cuddling with my husband when Garrett is between us!

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Amy said...

BEEN THERE!!! Having a sick child never gets any better. But the chance to hold them when they have to slow down in priceless!!!