Monday, February 16, 2009

Falling Apart at the Seams

Our house is falling apart! Last week I started the dryer and it was kind of squeaking like a belt needed to be oiled. Tonight after a load and a half it quit! I heard it stop and when I went downstairs and checked the clothes they were still wet. I tried to turn it back on but it obviously didn't! When I yelled at Brian up the stairs to tell him I broke the dryer he just laughed (he thinks I am funny...not sure why!) His "handy man" skills crack me up. He came down to take a look at it and did the same thing I did, turn the timer button, open the door a couple of times, and then hit the start button...amazingly enough it still didn't work...I don't know why...I thought he had the magic touch :). Then he hit it and I kicked it, we were both laughing pretty hard by this point. It reminded me of the country song "Just Another Day In Paradise" by Phil Vassar when it goes:

Take a drink of milk but the milk's gone sour
My funny face makes you laugh
Twist the top on and I put it back
There goes the washing machine
Baby, don't kick it.
I promise I'll fix it
Long about a million other things

This is when I am glad for once that we rent. A broken dryer is not our problem and we can call someone to come fix it or replace it for free, which is great because we really couldn't even afford to fix a dryer right now. Also, on top of the dryer the lights in the bathroom were flickering when I was getting ready for bed, as I was taking my nightly pee, they went completely out...It wasn't very cool. When I flipped the switch on and then back off they came back on. That can't be good. When I crawled into bed I told Brian he had better let the rental company know about that. I know it is hard to believe but we actually live in a pretty nice place, all things considered.

We had a good weekend. Friday night we went out with one of my co-workers, her husband, and a couple of their friends. I think that a good time was had by all. We ran into a friend of Brian's that is on the fire department and ended up giving him a ride home...lets just say that he needed it! For Valentine's Day Brian took me out to Sushi which is one of my favorite places to go in town. Brian is more of a meat and potatoes guy, which means I don't get sushi very often so I was excited.

When I started this blog I meant to post more about cooking, being a firefighter's wife and our thoughts (for now) about starting a family. I do have an exciting story to tell but first I have to wait for a new cord for my camera to come so that I can post some pics along with it! Hopefully sometime this week!

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