Friday, February 27, 2009

New Snow!!

Last night we got out first substantial snowfall since Christmas. It is now 40 degrees out and sunny. The snow looked so beautiful I thought that I would share some pictures here.

Our deck that we have yet to get some furniture for. And of course the Smokey the Bear thermometer that Brian absolutely loves.
Our view of the Bridger mountains. I love looking at them from the kitchen window.
The backside of our neighborhood. While we really love our apartment, unfortunately our neighborhood is all duplexes, condos and apartment buildings, which means the street is full of college students. It can be very annoying at times.
I have caught a nasty cold. I took last night off work, I am not deathly ill or anything but since the other overnighter was also working, I decided to stay home sick. No need to be miserable at work if you don't really need to be there. On Sunday I am going to Helena for a week, for dispatcher training at the Law Enforcement academy. It should be interesting. It will be weird to be gone from Brian for a week. Usually he is the one that is leaving (for wildland fires and stuff) and I am the one staying. I know I will miss him!

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