Thursday, February 19, 2009

Riding Along

I finally got a new cord for my camera which is very exciting because now I can tell you all about the fire that I got to go on with Brian. He was command for the fire department a couple of weekends ago. When Brian is command sometimes I go with him on calls. It is nice for me because when I dispatch I don't ever get to see the scenes that we dispatch units to, when I go with him I kind of get to see the other side of things.

At about 11pm on a Sunday night Brian got a page for a structure fire in Big Sky and I decided to go with him. The fire was in a cabin in a ski resort development. Four different fire departments responded, there were two ladder trucks among other apparatus and about 20 firefighters. Here are some pictures from our long night in Big Sky.

The house from the road below right after we arrived.
The bright light is from the bucket on the ladder truck that was parked up above.

This is the Big Sky ladder truck, parked behind the house

Fire Fighters coming down the ladder.

The fire started in the chimney and then spread into the ceiling between the roof and the dry wall. Th ladder trucks where trying to get at the fire from the roof. There were also crews fighting the fire from inside.

The other trucks and a group of firefighter waiting to go into the building.

The firefighters emptying out their hoses at the end of the night.

I had a ton if fun tagging along with Brian on the Big Sky fire. After hearing so much about structural fires it was great to see one in action. I am always afraid that I will get in the way when I ride along but all the firefighters were so nice. Brian was fun to see in action, it was almost like seeing another side of him, which was cool.

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