Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oil Changes and NASCAR

When Brian and I first started dating seriously I explained to him my hate of vehicle maintenance and that if he was going to be with me it meant that he would have to be in charge of all vehicle maintenance. It isn't that I can't check tire pressure, oil or change an occasional tire, it is that I HATE doing it. So far he has been pretty good about it. Our new Toyota Corolla (which is that vehicle that I drive) was due for an oil change so we took it to the dealer today. While we were there I was reminded of why I hate vehicle maintenance and especially taking a car in for an oil change.
As a college age female away from home I would take the car that I owned then into get it regularly scheduled oil changes. I always felt that the mechanic would talk down at me like I didn't know anything (which is only sorta, kinda true) and that they would try to sell you things that you really didn't need done to your car. A $20 oil change always turned into a "well you really need to have this done and it is going to cost you a total of $200." Today we went in to the dealership service center and not only was the customer service bad (which is another pet peeve of mine) but they tried to sell us a bunch of other things to go along with our oil change. I told Brian that is why I refuse to deal with it on my own.
When we got home from the oil change and the grocery store Brian settled on the couch to watch a little NASCAR, before going to the fire station to get some stuff done. I actually don't mind a little football or NASCAR watching on the weekends. But this was the first hour of like a four hour preshow...I was not amused! I was teasing Brian about how they were going to run out of things to say, unfortunately, they didn't. Good thing Brian headed off to the fire station and I got to make cookies! I will post pictures and a recipe of that later.

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