Tuesday, February 17, 2009


You are looking at Gallatin Valley's newest Mary Kay consultant! I absolutely love Mary Kay I use all of the product in this picture: (well except like two things!)
Pretty much any make-up color I use is also Mary I decided that I might as well become a consultant, since there are always other products that I really want to buy. I would love to make money off of selling the product and the potential is definitely there. I just don't like being the pushy sales woman. I was surprised how much the training brochures really seem to encourage that. Pushy sales people always make me nervous and I don't like it. I would love to buy the wholesale starter kit so that I have products on hand to give to people but I am just not sure that we have the money to do that right away, we will see though. For now I am just going to buy the products that I want, encourage my family and friends to buy from me and kinda put my feelers out to see if I know other people that are also interested. These are the kinds of things I want:

Oh man...I really need me some mineral powder!

I want this at every sink in the house! It makes your hands feel like silk and smells like a peach tree in the summer, what could be better than that?

And this...this is eyeliner...which I am completely out of...not a pretty situation. Okay, well I have green, but you can only wear so much green eyeliner before you look like you should be sitting in front of a slot machine...I am just saying...

Be still my heart. Who, you may ask needs eye revitalizer (for puffiness and dark circles of course), concealer (for when the revitalizer doesn't work, just kidding), and soothing eye gel? Who? That's what I thought, EVERYONE!

Anyway, I could really go all day, but I will stop, I think you get the point. If you also are crazy about Mary Kay or would like to try some stuff out, give me a hollar and we can play around and get you addicted...just like me! Cause everyone wants to be like me...right?

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